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Access Control Systems in simple words provide electronic means of restricting access for exterior or interior doors of commercial or residential properties. It may include access to certain areas within a building, perimeter doors of a building or even Outside Gates on a property.

For example, a business may require a room to store confidential records or cash and it may be necessary to limit access to that room to only certain employees. An Access Control System will allow the business to limit access to the room for only the employees deemed necessary and further limit by time period when these employees are allowed access.

Most businesses that are using Access Control Systems like these systems for the following benefits:

  • No worries for lost keys.
    Simply disable the card/fob that is reported lost and provide user with new card/fob.
  • System Event Logs for who is coming and going, through which doors and at what times.
  • Strangers can’t just slip into the premises.
  • Access for Shifts or after hours can be controlled effectively.
  • High Security can be implemented for rooms or areas that have sensitive business information.
  • Quick and Easy entry with a card/fob enhances the safety of employees who may be standing outside if fumbling to find keys.
  • Restricting Access on to allow selected employees for areas where supplies or products are stored and areas that have hazardous materials can help reduce theft and accidents.
  • Larger businesses with multiple locations can limit access of employees to a single or multiple locations as desired.

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